Memory Stones are custom designed to tell about favourite life experiences and special memories. They can be for special occasions and events, or in remembrance of loved ones. Can be in a garden or as plot markers. The mosaics are backed with solid granite. 
Plot marker 12 in. x 16 in.
"We sent a picture of Sandy’s Memorial Stone to all the family. They have all said how beautiful it is, and how fortunate we are to have found the perfect artist. Thank-you again, we are so glad we met up with you at the Fall Fair." - Doug and Sue Spicer

Plot marker going to Fort St. John. 30 in. x 18 in. 80 lbs.

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful memory stone you created for our I have said...she was a very special and unique lady and we felt she deserved to be remembered in this special way. You were very kind and patient as we worked together (across the miles) to accomplish this! Your talent and generous heart are very much appreciated and I do hope our paths cross again in the future." - Kym and Judy

Our Mountain Gramma – New Author at plus 80 years young. 26 in. x 17 in. 45 lbs

Lucy's family at Mt. Washington at their trailer.

Plot marker 12 in. x 20 in. approx. 45 lbs.
"All of the family have seen the memory stone and love it!!!! We are so grateful to you for doing the stone for us! You’ve included so many of Mom’s talents and loves in your work, from the snowman to the “Ace” the family figures and of Dad, the memories are there. So perfect, reflects her life and loves. Thank-you so much."
- Sue and Doug

Garden Stone 13 in. x 19 in. approx. 35 lbs.

"Marci did a memory garden stone to honour my Father and Mother. It listed their names, date of birth and their date of death, and showed many icons of their activities when they were alive such as a Labrador to show their love of dogs, a camera to show Dad’s love of photography, grouse to show their hunting skills and love of nature, a playing card to illustrate their love for Bridge and other card games and a teapot to show the hours of socializing over a pot of tea. We were very pleased with the result, and as we would of all of Marcia’s pieces, we would recommend her work highly."  - Sarah Wright Kamloops, B.C.

"I enjoy looking out at my parents memory stone in our Garden.  It is portable, so it will spend time in my Sisters garden next. I like the way Marci did the books showing more of their interests – special additions, reflecting the birth years of us three children." -Doug

Garden Stone 13 in. x 17 in. approx. 35 lbs.
Garden Stone 13 in. x 17 in. approx. 35 lbs.

"I so trusted all that Marcia has created for Betty and for Gord with perfect items for each of them in shape and colour. So wonderful and stunning visions and I am remembering many stories and sharing times in our lives with your art for them." - Marilyn

"These memory mosaics are unique for they touch memories of the personalities of my mum and dad in my heart and mind." - Don Cram

Gift ideas Garden Starfish
Garden Stone 1 1/4 in. thick, 20 in. x 23 in. approx 28 lbs.
"What an incredible surprise for our 50th Anniversary to receive a gift of one of your works of art!! Our daughter, Marlene, who lives in Toronto, was the one you were corresponding with to organize this gift. We were very touched to receive this gift from our family and will enjoy seeing it every day in our garden. The pictures don't do it justice, but it makes quite a statement. We enjoy our natural garden, this is such a perfect fit. I have been on your web site numerous times since we received this beautiful gift and look forward to visiting Stone Art & Mosaics the next time we are visiting in the Qualicum Beach area."  
- Nonie & Glenn

Memory Stones

Type: Memorial plaque.
Size & Materials: Granite, marble and slate.
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