Freedom of Flight back-splash

Type: Kitchen back-splash.
Size & Materials: This back-splash is 93 inches long, sides are 18 inches high and the center is 48 inches by 28 inches. The Eagle in flight has a a 24 inch wing span, the eagle sitting on the branch is 16 inches high, and our little one flying off into the sunset is 3 inches. The piece is out of slates, marble and granite.

"Marcia Wright, Stone Art and Mosaics, has designed and created the most amazing piece of art for our backsplash behind our stove. It captivates everyone that walks into our kitchen and enhances the room immensely; it is stunning! Marcia's attention to detail, the skillful selection of the tiles she uses, and her conceptual perspective of the design shows her undeniable talent! We love it Marcia, thank you so much!"
- Rick and Shannon

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